Shekinah Cantere

Aloha, I was born on a small Northern Marianas island, called Saipan. My parents, along with my 3 older brothers and I moved to Kīhei, Maui when I was 5 years old. Running for District 11 is personal and important to me because this is where I grew up and am currently raising my ʻohana (family). As a former Hawaiian Studies kumu (teacher) of 4 years here at the local Kamaliʻi Elementary School and orchestrator of monthly beach clean-ups, I am always wanting to help others and better the ʻāina (land) in every way I can.

As an adult, I feel it is my kuleana (responsibility) to help protect kanaka maoli (native Hawaiians) and locals, and to help the ʻāina (land) flourish and prosper. Now, as a wife and as a mother of 3 girls, I feel even more driven to keep the voices of the community heard and to help Maui change by learning from the past and looking to the future.

My girls are my inspiration, my motivation, and all of our keiki (children) growing up here is what drives me to try and make a better future for our community. I want all of our keiki (children) to enjoy the places in this ʻāpana (district) and to one day follow my legacy of keeping Maui, Maui nō ka ʻoi (Maui is the best).

-Shekinah Cantere

My Message To The Community

I am running for office simply for one reason only. To serve my community. I want to make sure Hawaiʻi stays Hawaiʻi, and that kanaka Maoli and locals always come first. I believe it is my kuleana to protect, preserve and help South Maui, for our children and for our community. I love this place and want to be able to watch my kids and their kids grow up here happily and without the heavy burdens that we experience today. Below are some of the main issues I’m working to address with the state.


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